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Search, Share, Secure and Save your memories
"Share with family and friends, save your pictures, find in seconds flat that one picture you took years ago...I love Protect Plus. It is the perfect Gallery Manager. Another thing i like about it is that peace of mind it give you to know that your pictures cannot be taken out by a computer failure."
David W.

AlbumSaver Protect Plus (Digital License)

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AlbumSaver Protect Plus

Safe & secure

Our cloud based softwares keep your memories safe forever. Lose your phone, computer or AlbumSaver, don't panic. Protect plus is there forever.

Easy to access

From any computer or mobile device. From wherever you may roam.

Easy to use

Access tutorial videos to learn how to use or talk to a real person and have access to our premium customer service to guide you through.

The perfect cloud app for organizing your Photo Galleries

Organize and share your favourite photos with friends and family, create online galleries of your recent holiday or favourite memories and have access to them in one click.

Make searching simple and seamless with our discover features:

Search by face recognition

Searching manually for all the photos of your beloved grandchildren can be difficult. Our face recognition feature will find and show you all the photos of a person in seconds. Easy and intuitive interface.

Search by typing keywords

With our THINGS feature you just type in "dog" or "airplane" and AlbumSaver Protect Plus finds for you all the photos that include a dog or an airplane. Looks like magic, but it is smart algorithms at work!

Huge storage space and automatic photo backups

AlbumSaver Protect Plus periodically saves your photos and videos so if something happens to your heard drive you can still recover your memories.

Pictures, videos, documents, audio files...

Share, store and organize them any way you wish. By size, by category, etc. Almost everything is customizable. You can even add new devices, you are not restricted to just one.

Complete Gallery Viewer Features

You can easily view, enlarge, download, share, start your photos while you browse them, Zoom in or out, adjust contrast and countless more features.

"I was wanting to share a gallery of pictures of our new grandchild to our extended family abroad, AlbumSaver Protect Plus was able to sort through my 1000's of photos and just by clicking on To's face it was able to find and the pictures in one click for me - so simple!"
Janice H.
"I was impressed by the search system where you can find all the pictures with one person based on their facial features"
Rita S
"Making an Online Photo Gallery manager is a brilliant idea. Combine that with this huge storage space and you have a real winner. Love this product"
M. Lee
"The search features alone make this app well worth it! I have been a client for months now, you just cannot beat it for now."